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Diagnosis within 12 hous

Diagnosis within 12 hours, well explained thank you.



✓ 10 April 2024

It was easy to sign up

It was easy to sign up. I tested the service on my own skin lesion. I got the report back within 12 hours, it was reported by a consultant dermatologist, his comments are thorough and informative. I am very pleased to be partnering with Map My Mole.



✓ 10 April 2024

GP 5 weeks, this service 3 days

GP waiting time 5 weeks. MapMyMole from order to report 3 days. The app is beautifully designed to guide you through the process of taking images. Report very informative. Would use again.



✓ 05 April 2024

3 credits and dermoscope included in your purchase

A full price purchase within the Map My Mole app gets you 3 credits, entitling you or your family to 3 mole checks by a consultant dermatologist.

Your mole check purchase will also include our clip on dermoscope, which is free for you to keep!
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Purchases using a voucher code may affect the number of credits allocated and who the credits can be used for.

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How do I get checked?


Download the Map My Mole app

Search for 'Map My Mole' in the app store and download the app. Once you purchase your mole check we will post you your own clip on dermoscope lens.


Create your submission

You’ll answer some questions about your skin and take a series of images with your lens.


We review your mole

Your answers and lens images will be reviewed by one of our leading consultant dermatologists.


Get your digital report

We'll send you a digital copy of your report with advice on what steps to take next.

Avoid long journeys and long waits

From first ordering your lens to receiving a report can take as little as 48 hours*. Our easy to use mobile app will guide you through the process of creating a mole submission for yourself or a family member.
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* Subject to Royal Mail delivery

Take dermoscopic quality images at home

Map My Mole is the first app to include a certified Class 1 medical device with the service. Our bespoke dermoscope, also called a dermatoscope, attaches straight to your smart phone, allowing you to capture the detailed images needed by our experts.

Our dermoscope ensures our experts are compliant with the British Association of Dermatologists guidance on teledermatology.
How to use your lens
What's teledermatology?

From upload to report in as little as 24 hours

After receiving your lens and uploading your submission, one of our UK consultant dermatologists will send you a digital report in as little as 24 hours. Your report will include the consultant dermatologist's opinion on what your mole is, and advice on what steps you should take next.
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* Subject to Royal Mail delivery

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Prefer to get your mole checked in person?

Find clinics nearby that provide the Map My Mole service

Frequently Asked Questions

How many mole checks are included?

Each full price purchase on the Map My Mole app converts to 3 credits. One credit can be used to check one mole for the account holder, or their friends or family. Please note that the amount of credits per purchase may change when a discount voucher is used.

When should I be worried about a mole?

There is no one look for moles. They may be any colour from skin tone to a range of browns or even black. While most are flat, some are raised and soft to the touch. However, normal moles should be evenly coloured and will have smooth edges – it’s when changes appear that you should be mindful and seek a professional opinion.

How often should I get my moles checked?

Everyone with moles should regularly conduct self-checks at home. If you have lots of moles you should self check every 6 months.

Why is early detection of skin cancer important?

The early detection of skin cancer is vital and can reduce the risk of disfigurement through removal, or in more serious cases death. It is therefore very important to get to know your own skin so that you can recognise any signs of change that may be potential skin cancer or pre-cancerous skin lesions.

Can a mole be removed without clinical review?

No, you should see your GP or dermatologist for a clinical review before removal. All reputable clinics will ask you to undertake this before a removal.

Using our service, means you have the full facts which you can then take to your chosen clinic.

What happens if I need treatment?

Map My Mole does not offer any treatment. Map My Mole is an advice service only. Our team of UK consultant dermatologists will provide an opinion on what your mole map represents which will also come with treatment recommendations if indicated.

Can I use this service for my child?

Yes you can use the dyplens to take photos of your child's mole, both for monitoring and also to send to one of our experts for review.

What happens if you suspect my mole/lesion is cancerous?

If we suspect your mole/lesion is a potentially cancerous mole you should arrange a face-to-face assessment with either your GP or Dermatologist. You will receive a signed report from one of our consultant dermatologists outlining what they think it may represent and what steps you should take next. If we feel that it could represent a very serious skin cancer such as a melanoma one of our team will call you to ensure you have received your mole map report which you should show to your doctor.

Can anyone use this service?

Currently, our service is only available in the UK.

Who will have access to my photos?

A registered consultant dermatologist will review your images and be responsible for the report that is sent back to you.

Meet our UK consultant dermatologists

Dr Toby Nelson

Consultant Dermatologist
Dr Toby has a keen interest in many dermatological conditions in particular skin cancer.

Dr Aaron Wernham

Consultant Dermatologist
Dr Wernham specialises in skin cancer diagnosis and treatment and skin surgery for skin cancer.

Dr Yusur Al-Nuaimi

Consultant Dermatologist
Dr Al-Nuaimi specialises in eczema, acne, psoriasis, skin cancer, skin surgery and minor procedures.

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