Your very own dermoscope

The Map My Mole app provides you with a complimentary lens attachment for your smartphone, allowing you to capture dermoscope quality images at home.
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What is a dermoscope?

A dermoscope is a medical tool used by dermatologists and other medical professionals to examine the skin closely. It is also known as a dermatoscope.

Dermoscopes are available in various shapes, sizes, and features. The use of dermoscopy has become an important tool for early detection of skin cancer and improving diagnostic accuracy.
Carbon footprint

Did you know healthcare accounts for 4% to 5% of global greenhouse gas emissions?

Reduce unnessessary journeys for out-patient appointments through embracing innovation and transformation.
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From upload to report in as little as 24 hours

After receiving your lens and uploading your submission, one of our UK consultant dermatologists will send you a digital report in as little as 24 hours. Your report will include the consultant dermatologist's opinion on what your mole is, and advice on what steps you should take next.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Map My Mole diagnose skin cancer from my photos?

No, no one can do this. A formal diagnosis of any cancer including skin cancer requires a biopsy (sample removed under anaesthetic) and histological assessment. However, our experts can help identify a suspicious mole that might need further investigation such as a biopsy.

Can I just buy a Dyplens?

Sadly not, but the Dyplens is included with your initial Map My Mole assessment.

Has the Dyplens been tested?

Yes. The Dyplens was designed in New Zealand and went through two design phases. It was initially trialled in one of New Zealand’s top hospitals for skin cancer. It has subsequently been put through it's paces in the UK and found to be capable of capturing images that are perfect for remote skin lesion assessment.

Is my Dyplens single use?

No. You can use it over and over again. Just clean the lens between use and store it away in its snug box after use to avoid it getting broken.

Can I use it on all skin lesions/moles/patches of skin I'm worried about?

Yes. The dyplens can be used to assist in the diagnosis of lots of things.

Does it need batteries?

No. The Dyplens works using non-polarised light that enters through the clear plastic casing. The more light the better the images so ensure you are standing near a well lit window as well as having the ceiling lights on.

Will the Dyplens clip to every mobile phone?

No. The Dyplens can only clip onto a phone or tablet where the camera is located in the top corner.

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