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Becoming a Map My Mole provider allows your clinic to access UK consultant dermatologists for an opinion within 24 hours of image capture.
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AL Medical Aesthetics & Wellness

We have been working with Map My Mole for the past few months and we are nothing but impressed with the service they have provided – supportive to the clinician, fast and efficient for the patient.  This service has enabled us to provide a service that is greatly needed with the current strain on NHS and seen patients have peace of mind and reassurance.  Thank you we look forward to working together for a long time.

Kelly Harris Aesthetics

Incredible service! As a nurse practitioner running a busy skin/laser/aesthetics clinic I was really keen to know more about this service for my patients.I was send the information and free dermascope within a few days.I easily sent an image of my own pigmented lesion and had a dermatology report back within a few hours!! Thankfully a benign solar lentigo- greatly reassuring. This level of access to specialist services is unheard of and I can’t wait to offer this to my patients!!


Registering our clinic with map my mole was easy, the app especially was a breeze to use and navigate through and as well as submitting photos, we received a very detailed report back within a few hours, We would highly recommend map my mole for any clinic

Radiant Glow & Aesthetics

I have recently registered my clinic to offer the map my mole screening service, the team have been helpful in getting me set up to offer this.I have found this a very beneficial service, my clients are very happy and the reports from the dermatologists are both informative and very quick to respond.I am very impressed with the service both as a healthcare professionals point of view and also from a patients perspective.

How it works


Download the Map My Mole app and sign up as a clinic

Once you've registered as a clinic in the app, we'll review your application and let you know whether you've been accepted.


We provide you with a free lens

If you are accepted, we'll send you a link to continue setting up your account in the app. We'll then dispatch your lens and show you how to to take successful images in the app. You'll get to see how much you'll be charged per submission.


Try out the service with free test submissions

You get to practice using the Dyplens or your own dermatoscope if preferred, and make test submissions which we will review and provide feedback on. You'll only be charged per submission once you've completed these.


You launch your own mole screening service

We'll provide you with point of sale materials and give you the flexibility to market your mole review service as you wish.


Our expert consultants review the submissions

Your client’s submissions will be reviewed by one of our leading consultant dermatologists.


We'll send the client's report

We'll send the report to your clinic or directly to the client, depending on their preference.

Apply for a clinic account using the app!

Download the Map My Mole app to apply for a clinic account. There is no obligation or commitment when you apply, and you'll receive all of your pricing information within the onboarding process.
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CryoPen, offered by Ivanmed, supply some of the UK’s top aesthetic and medical clinics, supplying not just equipment, but first-class training and continued support via their team of highly skilled trainers and customer support advisors. Now with the addition of Map My Mole the same clinics can get the all-important consultant’s opinion on what the lesion is before treatment, this partnership offers added benefits of care and diligence. Clinics referred by CryoPen will also receive the additional benefit of a partnership discount on our service.

British Acupuncture Federation

The British Acupuncture Federation stands as the premier and most rapidly expanding independent acupuncture consortium in the United Kingdom. It emerged in response to the directives outlined in the House of Lords' Complementary & Alternative Medicine report of 2000. Serving as the inaugural collaborative entity, it unites prominent professional acupuncture associations across the UK, encompassing both Western medical approaches and traditional acupuncture modalities. This partnership with Map My Mole empowers individuals to make informed decisions regarding their preferred treatment options and offers the added benefit of care and diligence. Clinics referred by the BAF will also receive the additional benefit of a partnership discount on our service.
Toby Nelson

Become a recognised Map My Mole Provider

Most people cannot afford private Dermatology fees, ranging from £175 to £300, and getting to see a GP takes time and often results in a referral to a specialist. The time from start to finish for a patient can be weeks, for some patients this is an anxious wait, which is avoidable.

Providing a mole screening service in a clinic with Map My Mole is aligned with the British Association of Dermatologists teledermatology guidelines. Images are reviewed by experts in the field, and reports generated ensure patients are explained as to what the lesion represents.

If a concerning mole is imaged the dermatologist will inform the patient providing them with a report that can be sent to their GP to speed up any referral. Map My Mole is the first and only UK company offering this partnership with clinics. The clinics become the medical photographers.

Clinics interested in offering a mole screening service should consider purchasing a robust dermoscope. This will offer the best possible images for our consultants to review, reducing requests for repeat image capture.

This should be a service available on every high street and is also the perfect partnership for clinics that offer a skin lesion removal service.
Dr Toby Nelson
Chief Medical Officer & Co-Founder
Consultant Dermatologist, Mohs Micrographic and Reconstructive Surgeon MBBS BSc (Hons) MCP (UK) Derm DMCC FACMS

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Faster booking times for treatments
Be confident your mole treatment is appropriate
Connect with UK's leading dermatologists
App and dermatoscope provided
Secure digital platform
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide any marketing materials for use in our clinic?

Yes, we provide access to designed assets you can use on social media, we also send a reception a-board to you, and a window sticker.

What happens if the report finds a suspicious mole/lesion?

If a consultant reports the mole is of concern, they will ask the patient to see their GP or a dermatologist. A mole of concern will also trigger a call back for our team, this means we will telephone the patient, to check they have read and understood the report and they know to see a GP/dermatologist.

Can my patient use the report to take to their GP?

Yes, when asking for a referral appointment, inform your GP that the lesion has been assessed and you have a report from a UK consultant dermatologist.

Will my clinic be on the Clinic Locator Map on your website?

Yes, if you opt-in during sign up, your clinic will be added once you are transacting on the app.

Can we use a Dyplens in clinic?

Yes, if you wish to trial using Map My Mole in clinic before you proceed with the purchase of a medical-grade dermatoscope, we can arrange this for you. However, if this is a service you wish to grow and promote, we recommend the investment of a medical-grade dermatoscope. This will give you, and us the best images. Our lenses are designed for light use, and home capture.

Do you offer any advice on the removal of Moles/Lesions?

No, Map My Mole does not offer any treatment advice on the removal of moles and lesions. We are an advice service only. Your client’s treatment report will provide an opinion on what the mole or lesion represents, which will also come with treatment recommendations if indicated, but not removal.

Who will receive the report?

As standard you and your client will receive a copy of the report, if they do specify the report as private, it will only be sent to the client.

Will you provide any guidance on the purchase of a dermatoscope for use in clinic?

Yes, if you wish to purchase a medical-grade dermatoscope we can provide a specification and details of where to purchase.

Will we receive any training on how to use the dermatoscope?

Yes, we'll guide getting set up on our clinic app, and how to take successful images with the Dyplens or a medical-grade dermatoscope if preferred.

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