Is there such a thing as an app to diagnose skin cancer?

Written by
Toby Nelson
Published on
September 7, 2023

There are no apps that can diagnose skin cancer. That is because to have a skin cancer diagnosed, it has to be surgically removed from the skin and examined microscopically. Apps claiming to diagnose skin cancers are misleading. Map My Mole does not claim to be able to diagnose skin cancer but offers the next best thing, an expert assessment of your mole based on your app entry, including the detailed dermoscopic images captured using the Dyplens dermoscope posted to the user on sign up.

Map My Mole is not just an app. It is a fully integrated tele dermatology platform, designed specifically around the needs of the user who is worried about a changing mole, and the consultant dermatologists who provide the opinion.

The app mirrors the exact information gathered in the clinic but has the massive advantage of being deployed to the users in their home.

Map My Mole is the only app that provides a medical device to the user to take the vital dermoscopic images, we as dermatologists need to safely assess a skin lesion.

Within our app, there is no artificial intelligence. We are not sending images abroad to be looked at by so-called 'dermatologists'. Your images combined with your answers form a medical assessment provided by one of our UK-trained and based consultant dermatologists all of whom work within the NHS.

If the reporting consultant is not confident in providing an accurate assessment of your mole submission,  you will be provided with a full refund. No haggling.

Map My Mole is designed and run to ensure the highest and safest mole assessment app. Its foundation is built on creating rapid access for those with a mole of concern to an expert consultant dermatologist. Be careful of so-called skin cancer apps unless they come with a certified reporting system using all-important dermoscopic images. Always check who owns the app and if the reporting doctor is on the general medical council register as a consultant dermatologist.

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