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Our digital mole review service for clinics

Frustrated with telling a client to go and see their GP when you spot something of concern?

Partnering with us allows you to access UK consultant dermatologists for an opinion within 24 hours of image capture. You can then proceed with a removal knowing the lesion or mole you are removing is safe to do so. Map My Mole provides you and your clients with peace of mind.
Patient and clinician

How it works


We will provide you with a free lens

We'll provide guidance on getting setup on our clinic app, and how to take successful images with the Dyplens or a medical grade dermatoscope if preferred.


Try out the service with free test submissions

You get to practice using the Dyplens and making test submissions which we will review and provide feedback on.


You launch your own mole screening service

We'll provide you with point of sale materials and give you the flexibility to market your mole review service as you wish.


Our expert consultants review the submissions

Your client’s submissions will be reviewed by one of our leading consultant dermatologists.


We'll send the client's report

We'll send the report to your clinic or directly to the client, depending on their preference.

Toby Nelson

Dr Toby Nelson

Chief Medical Officer & Co-Founder
Consultant Dermatologist, Mos Micrographic and Reconstructive Surgeon MBBS BSc (Hons) MCP (UK) Derm DMCC AACMS

Why partner with us?

Most people cannot afford private Dermatology fees, ranging from £175 to £300, and getting to see a GP takes time and often results in a referral to a specialist. The time from start to finish for a patient can be weeks, for some patients this is an anxious wait, which is avoidable.

Providing a mole screening service in a clinic with Map My Mole is aligned with the BritishAssociation of Dermatologists teledermatology guidelines. Images are reviewed by experts in the field, and reports generated ensure patients are explained as to what the lesion represents.

If a concerning mole is imaged the dermatologist will inform the patient providing them with a report that can be sent to their GP to speed up any referral. Map My Mole is the first and only UK company offering this partnership with clinics. The clinics become the medical photographers.

Clinics interested in offering a mole screening service should consider purchasing a robust dermoscope. This will offer the best possible images for our consultants to review, reducing requests for repeat image capture.

This should be a service available on every high street and is also the perfect partnership for clinics that offer a skin lesion removal service.
Dr Toby Nelson

Want to offer clients benign lesion removal?

Removing skin tags can be simple, but do you know all the different types of skin pathology that can mimic a skin tag? Seek expert reassurance using our bespoke teledermatology platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we use a Dyplens in clinic?

Yes, if you wish to trial using Map My Mole in clinic before you proceed with the purchase of a medical grade dermatoscope, we can arrange this for you.

However, if this is a service you wish to grow and promote we recommend the investment of a medical grade dermatoscope, this will give you, and us the best images.

Our lenses are designed for home capture.

Do you offer any advice on the removal of Moles/Lesions?

No, Map My Mole does not offer any treatment advise on the removal of moles and lesions. We are an advice service only. Your clients treatment report will provide an opinion on what the mole or lesion represents, which will also come with treatment recommendations if indicated, but not removal.

Who will receive the report?

As standard you and your client will receive a copy of the report, if they do specify the report as private, it will only be sent to the client.

Will you provide any guidance on the purchase of a dermatoscope for use in clinic?

Yes, if you wish to purchase a medical grade dermatoscope we can provide a specification and details of where to purchase.

Will we receive any training on how to use the dermatoscope?

Yes, we'll provide guidance on getting setup on our clinic app, and how to take successful images with the Dyplens or a medical grade dermatoscope if preferred.

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